Stardew Valley Patch Notes

  • 7 November 2022

Stardew Valley long-awaited 1.3 update has finally arrived, bringing a host of new features, fixes and improvements to the game. Among the most significant changes are the addition of a new farm type, the long-awaited multiplayer support, and a host of new gameplay mechanics and improvements.

New Farm Type

One of the most anticipated features of the 1.3 update is the addition of a new farm type: the forest Farm. This new farm type is located in the woods south of Pelican Town, and features a unique gameplay loop that revolves around cutting down trees and clearing out the underbrush. In addition to the new farm type, there are also a host of new buildings and structures that can be built on the forest Farm, including a lumber mill, a charcoal kiln and a bee house.

Multiplayer Support

The 1.3 update also introduces multiplayer support to Stardew Valley. Up to four players can now play together online, with each player taking on the role of a farmer. Multiplayer support is currently in beta, and as such, there are a few known issues that the developers are working on ironing out. However, the multiplayer support is otherwise stable and is a great addition to the game.

New Gameplay Mechanics

In addition to the new farm type and multiplayer support, the 1.3 update also introduces a host of new gameplay mechanics and improvements. Coffee can be grown on the new farm type, and can be used to make a variety of different beverages. In addition, a number of quality of life improvements have been made, such as the ability to speed up time, the ability to see the prices of goods at the various shops in town, and a host of other small tweaks and improvements.


The 1.3 update is a massive update for Stardew Valley, and is sure to please both newcomers and veterans alike. With the addition of the new farm type, multiplayer support, and a host of new gameplay mechanics and improvements, the 1.3 update is a must-have for anyone who enjoys Stardew Valley.

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