Latest Stardew Valley Update

  • 9 November 2022

Stardew Valley has just released a new update and it’s a big one! This update features a new map, new events, new items and more. Here are the full patch notes:

New Map

The new map is called “The Forbidden Woods”. It’s a dark and dangerous place, filled with deadly creatures. Enter at your own peril!

New Events

There are two new events in this update. The first is “The Great Escape”, in which you must help a group of prisoners escape from the woods. The second event is “The Witch’s Hut”, where you can help a witch brew a powerful potion.

New Items

There are several new items in this update, including a new type of sword, a new type of shield, and a new type of armor. There are also new items for your farm, including a new type of animal feed and a new type of fertilizer.

Fixes and Changes

In addition to all of the new content, this update also includes a number of fixes and changes. For example, the game now runs better on low-end PCs, and the multiplayer mode has been improved. There are also a number of bug fixes.

1.5.4 is a minor content update for Stardew Valley. It introduces a new type of farm animal, the Duck, which can be purchased from Marnie's Ranch. Ducks lay eggs which can be collected and sold, or used in recipes. Ducks can also be used in the new Duck Pond feature, which allows players to breed and race ducks. There are four different duck breeds to choose from, and each has different stats which affect how fast they can swim.

The update also introduces a new type of fish, the Blowfish. Blowfish can be found in the ocean, and can be used in recipes or sold for a profit. In addition, a number of bug fixes and performance improvements have been made.

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